World War II Air Raid Shelter Found in Norwich

When workmen initially came to fill in a pothole at Bignold Primary School in Norwich, they were sitting on the cusp of a historic discovery. Instead of a mere pothole, they found they were soon faced with a flight of 12 steps descending into the 1940’s structure. Even though it was known that three such structures were built on the school’s foundations, this is the first time any of them has been discovered, and it is causing quite the stir.

Inspiration for Learning History

Some teachers are already taking inspiration from the discovery, with suggestions coming in about dressing up in World War II style clothing and staging a re-enactment of an air raid drill.

Other teachers have used it as a talking point for history class, using a PowerPoint presentation to compare it to older photos of the shelter, while others have launched writing competitions with the shelter as the starting point.

Whole School Abuzz with Excitement

While both the teachers and the pupils are eager to get into the structure and start exploring, as it is over 75 years old the place has been cordoned off until it can be marked officially safe to enter. The teachers are looking into using it for educational purposes while some more inquisitive students are looking at exploring the interior in the hopes of finding a hidden relic.

When Hard Work and Persistence Pays Off

Hard work and persistence always pays off, particularly if you are doing something you love doing. Dawn Faizey Webster is a fantastic example of how being persistence can help you overcome the odds. Dawn was a teacher who suffered a dreadful stroke in 2003, but with hard work and persistence Dawn completed a History degree!

61470968The stroke unbelievably caused her to contract ‘Locked-in syndrome’ where she could only move her eyes.

She didn’t let that deter her as she started a course in Ancient History using only her eyes and tiny head movements to write essays and answers using a computer which translates the movements into text.

“I felt that I needed to prove to myself and to others that I was still me – Dawn” She wanted to show that she had lost no cognitive ability in the accident and her story will inspire thousands to reach for their dreams. The former teacher will graduate this October after a gruelling 6 years completing her degree.

Motivation is a key part of learning and encouraging others to learn, so it is important to have your own sources of inspiration. Teachers require motivation to teach and have to influence their students to motivate themselves.  By setting yourself regular goals throughout the school year, you will find that your achievements will help motivate your students.

Be persistent! Never give up.

Fun ways to end the School Year

As the end of term and the end of the school year approaches, many teachers will find their pupils getting restless with excitement. Sometimes it is better to take a step back and introduce a few fun final lessons to ‘wind down’ before the summer holidays start!

There are a number of fantastic ideas shared by other teachers who have encountered similar problems, with great ideas being thrown around such as creating their own Fashion Dolls, a number of engaging quizzes covering subjects such as Ecology and Adaptation, Music, and  History and even an exercise or two helping children to better understand Microsoft Excel.

However you decide to end the school year, make sure to go out with a bang! Your pupils will leave the school year feeling better about themselves and will have memories for life!summer