Back to Basics ‘No Tech’ School in London

Located in Morden, the London Acorn School has a rather different educational system when it comes to more modern technology and teaching children. The school imposes a strict set of rules for children up to the age of 14, and in some cases up to 16 years old; no internet, computers, mobile devices or even TV, both in class and at home.

no tech schoolThe small school of just 42 students in total is “…against all forms of electronics for small children” As shown in the school charter and only allows it in gradual doses as children reach their teen years. Parents must also continue this strict educational concept at home, although watching films is permitted for children over 14 and the internet is allowed after 16 years of age.

Instead of relying on modern technology for their lessons, children are thought to better engage with their London teachers, making their own exercise books from recycled materials and writing in longhand. They create things in woodworking class that can be used around school and go for daily nature walks in order to pass the time.

It is a simple, yet satisfying life but it is not a regime for the faint hearted, as the no-technology is quite strict. However it gives children another chance to perhaps pick up a new hobby and develop skills not related to or reliant on electronics.

Safety on the Internet

It can be great to encourage our children to use the computer in order to build on their IT skills as we live in a technology savvy world.  However, it is important to ensure the safety of our children when they browse the internet, especially as they cannot always be supervised by their parent or teacher.

laptop childBeing Aware

Promoting internet awareness in our child is important as it makes them think before they access certain websites. Internet awareness works in very much the same way as Stranger Danger does in the physical world.  Therefore we need to make sure that our children know what is okay on the internet and what they should avoid.


There are special parental controls and add-ons provided by Google and other companies that will help ensure safe browsing for your children. You can install these and they pretty much work as a filter to remove anything not child appropriate or they prevent your child from accessing these inappropriate sites. However some websites only ask for a date of birth as proof of age, so the system is not unbreakable.

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