Delay to Formal Schooling Proposed

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Last month The National Union of Teachers announced the wish to call for children to be released from normal timetables until the age of seven. This is because that the Union worries that starting children too early in a strict teaching regime can be damaging to children of a young age.

children playSurprisingly this is completely the opposite of a topic covered a few months ago by our blog, with compulsory testing said to start at age four. Activists used the Union’s annual conference in late April to demand that the ‘play-based’ curriculum period was extended to allow the children to develop appropriately for their age, with activities based around play and less focus on formal education until the age of seven.

This would also be in conjunction with the boycott of the Governments  new reading exam which is taken by 600,000 six year olds each year to determine their aptitude.

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London Schools Crisis

[redbox] school news blog

At RedBox Teachers we understand how important it is to be able to connect hardworking supply teachers and teaching assistants and good schools in your local area. We work on a personal level to find you a job that suits your individual needs, be it long term or short term, part time or full time. We have noticed that schools in London seem to be suffering from a shortage of teachers, especially because there are around 800 children thought to have missed out on primary school places last year.

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In 2011-2012 a stunning 6000 plus children applied for reception places compared to the previous year. It is thought that between 2011 and 2016 there will be a shortage of over 78,000 primary school places in London alone.

So what can be done? Local councils are putting measures in place to improve conditions in struggling schools, which have seen a decline in applicants. The Government has already spent £1 billion to create more places for children. With a view to plan for more funding in the future the government are trying to combat the impact that soaring birth rates will have on primary schools.

There have been claims made that children could be taught in shifts, some in the morning, the rest in the evening, in order to provide every child with equal opportunity. However, this could have severe complications to the quality and consistency of education.  So why not take measures to increase teaching opportunities at schools?

Studies have shown that children learn faster and have a better understanding of source material when taught in small groups. Cramming more children into larger classes will prove to be a detriment to learning in general. Existing teachers will find themselves overwhelmed with schoolwork and unable to give each individual child the time that they need to develop.

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