Longer School Days for Children?

Suggestions made by the Department for Education to combat underachievement in children from working-class backgrounds have included allusions to a possible ‘longer school day’ in order to give children more time to complete their work in a supportive environment.

imagesHowever many teachers and parents have lashed out against this theory stating that children need to have a life outside of school in which they can relax, unwind and enjoy some quiet time before going to bed.

As it stands children who come home from school after 3:30 are already pretty tired and making the school day even longer may damage their attention span and could even have the adverse effect on concentration.

With autumn settling in, a longer school day could mean that children may have to make the walk home in the dark, which not many parents are happy about.

Plus it could be a bad news for teachers, particularly those who teach in London and nearby as classes are already over saturated and a longer working day will mean less time to mark work and plan future lessons among other things.

There have been other suggestions brought forward to help combat underachievement including the establishment of a possible ‘homework club’ but it has been expressed that it would be better if it were run by parents and volunteers otherwise the concept of ‘home-work’ would be completely nullified.

What do you think? Longer school days which give children more time to think and study? Or is this just adding more strain to a possibly already over saturated system?

Children to be Taught Classical Music

In order to alleviate fears that children are not being taught about classical music, ten pieces of classical music are going to be introduced to the syllabus by composers from Beethoven and Stravinsky among others.


The project is known as Ten Pieces and will be introduced into lessons through a film.

Around 150 arts organisations have signed up to the scheme and will visit schools in order to assist with the running of interactive workshops regarding the composed works.


In addition, there has also been interest among members of BBC orchestras to concerts being held at schools. This project has stemmed from the idea that not many children will have had the chance to listen or react to classical music, so to incorporate it into schools will be a great way to inspire children with classical music.

Classical music has been known to increase creativity and have a positive impact on behaviour in children, so it is important to give these children a chance to experience the music for themselves at a younger age.

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New Leeds Primary School Opens

A new primary school in Leeds will open up another 400 places for children in order to combat a shortage of primary school places. Run by the Co-operatives Academies Trust, Nightingale Primary is a new school in Harehills that hopes to reduce overcrowding in Leeds primary schools.

It already has 60 children in reception and hopes to help children from all over Harehills to receive a place at the school in order to create a new learning environment where children can reach their potential. It is one of five schools in the city of Leeds to be run by the Co-operatives Academies Trust.

classroom-300x186With a heavy risk of overpopulation many children’s classes nowadays are full to bursting, and both teachers and teaching assistants as well as teaching support staff are having a heavier burden placed on them with a growing number of students each year.

The new primary school comes at an optimum time in order to help children get the individual support they need, without having to overwork or overburden the teachers currently taking classes throughout Leeds.

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