Free Uniforms for Pupils of Low-Income Families

A ‘Back-to-School’ Community shop opened on Tuesday the 16th August in Manchester, offering low-income families the chance to pick up a free school uniform for their children. The shop will stock both new and second-hand non-branded primary school uniforms among other school essentials, such as sports kits, shoes and stationary that has all been donated to the shop. However, it also has 500 new coats bought through a £15,000 grant from the Brian Kennedy Trust.

The cost of children’s uniforms has gone up in the past few years and with several logo changes occurring for each school, the cost of replacing an existing uniform is often an expense that cannot be afforded by many families.

In stocking a wide range of second-hand uniforms and other equipment, the ‘Wood Street Mission’ shop aims to help low-income families in getting the right supplies they need.

Something as simple as having the wrong type of uniform, or a uniform that doesn’t fit can, unfortunately, isolate children and make them feel different from their peers.

Social standing and the difference in social classes is still an issue in many schools today, so it is important that children from poorer families are given a helping hand.

In this effort, Wood Street Mission hopes to have distributed up to £1m of school uniforms and sports kits to local families by the year 2019, helping to give over 55,000 children living below the poverty line in Manchester and Salford a school uniform.