Using Minecraft To Teach Chemistry

Minecraft is not well known for its revolutionary graphics or compelling storyline, in fact if you are over the age of 25, you may not have even heard of it at all. It is a PC game loosely based around creating your own space by mining and crafting things together, in a world that looks a bit like a Lego copy. And it is being used in today’s classrooms to help primary teachers and primary supply teachers educate children about Molecular Chemistry.

Learning About Molecules Using a Pixel Based PC Game

A group of university students from Hull created an educational version of the game where players can explore specially created molecular structures and learn about their composition.

The students added all sort of extras and hidden features in order to grab the children’s interest and keep them wanting to learn more about chemistry.

Finding The Treasure

They also added a ‘treasure hunt’ element to the educational moderation of the game. There were treasure chests placed and dotted around the structures, some of which were easy to find, others a little more difficult. These chests contained clues and information about the chemical compounds and how they worked in our world. As an educational tool it was both engaging and fun for the children.