New Primary School on its way to Littlehampton


A free school is due to be built in Littlehampton and is scheduled to open (if all goes well) in September 2018. The school, known as Schoolsworks Community Primary School, is one of 31 approved projects across the country that serves to help more children get a well-balanced and free education. The projects were approved as one of David Cameron’s final acts as Prime Minister earlier this month.

480 Spaces in all for Children

The school has been set to cater for 60 reception children plus 30 places for nursery children, eventually rising to a total of 480 places by the mid-2020s when the school would eventually be full. Nearby established primary and secondary schools have already sent dozens of letters to Schoolsworks, showing their support for the new school which is expected to be built towards the north of the town.Lmspic

Local Schools Welcome the New Addition

The applications process for setting up a free school is often long-winded and rigorous, so this comes as a joyous surprise for locals to find out that a local school has been approved and is now in the works. It should make a welcome addition to the growing education industry across Littlehampton and the surrounding area.

Tips on Your First Day at School – Week 2

Last week we spoke about the first day of school, and the importance of being flexible with your lesson plan as well as letting the children get to know a little more about you as a person. So this week we are going to look at engaging with your new class so that you can learn more about them and how they learn best as a group.

Name Learning Exercises


This can be in conjunction with them getting to know you. As you go around the class, ask that each child says their name clearly and also says one fact about themselves. This can be anything from their favourite colour to the latest film they watched to the number of siblings they have. These answers will facilitate discussion, help to break up the tension and will also provide anchoring points in helping you to remember the names of your students.

Sometimes strange questions like: “tell us something about yourself that nobody knew before” can be good or bad. Try to read the tone of the class. This question could be good as students will be eager to think of an original answer, or it can be a bad question as it could cause long periods of silence. Simpler questions are in general better, but try to think up your own.


Teamwork is crucial. Building a sense of community in class will really help when engaging your students in class discussion. If you try to encourage the idea of your class as a ‘team’ by engaging in group activities and encouraging other children to help their peers who seem to be struggling, this will help your relationship with your class as a whole.

Students tend to perform better when you build a sense of community because they will feel more connected to the class and to the instructor. An established sense of community will help students feel more comfortable when they enter your class, which makes it easier for them to concentrate and makes them more receptive to your teachings.

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Tips on Your First Day at School – Week 1

Your first day at a new school can be daunting, for both new teachers and new students, but there are a few important things to remember on your first day which will help you to make a good first impression with your students, and may also help you out in the long run too!

Be Flexible

flexibleWe all know teaching can be very unpredictable, but it is still important to plan well for your first set of lessons. Remember that much like any other social group, children base a lot on their first impressions of someone. If you make a memorable, engaging first lesson, your students will react to you more willingly and will learn more in the process.

However it is also important to remember that first lessons may not always turn out exactly as planned. It is important to be able to adapt to these situations and turn them out to your advantage.

Let Them Know About You

cake-sliceIf you introduce yourself using only your name, your children will find it harder to connect with you as a person. Try creating a fun game where you say a few things about yourself, perhaps foods you enjoyed as a child or a funny memory, and then invite the children to in turn, say a little bit about themselves.

Try not to spend too long about this, as you can easily get distracted, ten minutes at the start of the lesson is perfect. It starts building an important bond with your children; one of an interesting mentor as opposed to an adult who will talk at them and not to them, for hours on end.

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