Top Tips for ‘Back to School’

As the Back-to-school adverts run rampant on the television, and children start winding down from the summer, thoughts turn to the new school year ahead and how parents can properly prepare themselves for the new challenges to come.Vector illustration with hand-drawn words on school bag. Welcome back to school. Calligraphy and typography inscription. Sign painting vintage style. Colorful version

So, got any top tips for parents to get ahead of the curve in preparing their kids for the next school year?

  • Coats, Gloves, Shoes! – While many parents can scramble around in a bid to get a brand new school uniform, items of clothing such as coats and gloves can get pushed by the wayside; particularly as they won’t be needed until winter. Check your coats, shoes and gloves to make sure they are all in good condition, or add a new set to the shopping list.
  • Working Pens, Fresh Pencils, Clean Pencil Case – For some children, nothing feels better than a fresh new stationary set to start off the school year. So many retailers stock a wide range of different pencil cases that you can easily find one cheap. Or why not try making your own?
  • Stylish School Water Bottle – Getting a new water bottle each year is recommended, as even refillable water bottles can start to get stagnant over time, even if you are using them every day.
  • Dinner Schedule! – Even if you only keep to it for the first two weeks of school, getting your dinners sorted out ahead of time will save a lot of hassle in the long run. Try giving it a go, just this once!


Parents will do anything to secure school places

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled OutIt has come to light that a growing number of parents throughout Yorkshire are not telling the honest truth when it comes to applying for school places for their children.

In order to get into Yorkshire’s best schools, parents have been stretching the truth when filling out certain forms with regards to their family circumstances and where they live.

This may have come about as a result of the recent rise in demand for school places.

With schools full to bursting and a shortage of professional key stage 1 and key stage 2 teachers, around 11,770 pupils applying for Yorkshire schools did not get into their first choice of Primary or Secondary school; with just under 3,000 applicants offered places from Primaries or Secondaries they didn’t choose.

As a result of these altered school applications, the local councils have had to carry out a number of investigations into fraudulent applications for Yorkshire schools. This only serves to highlight the issues many face when applying for local schools and the desperate need for more teachers on board.

Research has also shown that school catchment areas are more popular when it comes to families looking for a stable family home or at least a place to rent for the time being. When looking for a property it is important for parents to know about local catchment areas and so it is no wonder that properties within the catchment area are more popular.

Longer School Days for Children?

Suggestions made by the Department for Education to combat underachievement in children from working-class backgrounds have included allusions to a possible ‘longer school day’ in order to give children more time to complete their work in a supportive environment.

imagesHowever many teachers and parents have lashed out against this theory stating that children need to have a life outside of school in which they can relax, unwind and enjoy some quiet time before going to bed.

As it stands children who come home from school after 3:30 are already pretty tired and making the school day even longer may damage their attention span and could even have the adverse effect on concentration.

With autumn settling in, a longer school day could mean that children may have to make the walk home in the dark, which not many parents are happy about.

Plus it could be a bad news for teachers, particularly those who teach in London and nearby as classes are already over saturated and a longer working day will mean less time to mark work and plan future lessons among other things.

There have been other suggestions brought forward to help combat underachievement including the establishment of a possible ‘homework club’ but it has been expressed that it would be better if it were run by parents and volunteers otherwise the concept of ‘home-work’ would be completely nullified.

What do you think? Longer school days which give children more time to think and study? Or is this just adding more strain to a possibly already over saturated system?

Gove Punishes Parents

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Education secretary Michael Gove has announced that he will be imposing punishments for parents whose children fail to show their teachers the proper level of respect. The Minister insists that mums and dads must take the necessary responsibility for their child’s behaviour in regards to respect towards teachers, the willingness to learn and even turning up to school.

scoldIt is Mr Gove’s belief that parents who believe it should be the job of the teachers to educate and raise their children, without installing a sense of respect for their teachers in children, will find themselves on a self-destructive path of stubborn children who are unwilling to learn.

While it is important to ensure that children attend school and express a willingness to learn, perhaps penalising the parents is not the best way to go about this. Some suggest that time spent penalising parents for making sure their kids turn up at school could be better spent having personal 1 to 1 sessions with the children themselves, to learn how they view school and how to better their experience of school as a whole. It is the case of the carrot and the stick so to speak.

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