Xmas Bus Tours London

Particular areas of London happened upon a festive surprise late last month as the Westfield Christmas before Christmas Bus toured the city on the 22nd and 23rd of November. The snow covered double-decker bus provides a one-of-a-kind experience to children who happen upon it, as it has been set out like a winter playground for children of primary school age.

Travelling Winter Playground

320px-Fairy_lights_Christmas_bus_412_OCD_Brigthon_21_november_2007Kids can join in to participate in a number of fun activities, from sitting in an ancient igloo style setting, to getting their faces painted and bopping to the beat with the bus’s in-house DJ station. There is even a chance for the kids to glimpse an appearance of old Saint Nicholas himself, visiting from the North Pole to spread a little festive cheer in advance of the holiday season.

Spreading the Cheer

On November 22nd, it took the regal tour, stopping at places such as the Houses of Parliament and Southwark Cathedral, as well as making a stop at the Westfield Stratford City Centre for children to enjoy. It surprised the pupils and teachers of Fulham Primary School on November 23rd, driving through Kensington High Street and stopping so that the kids could meet Bjorn the animatronic polar bear; one of the attractions on the bus and so that they could grab a few mince pies.

The whole appearance was an unmissable early experience of Christmas cheer and was well enjoyed by all who saw the surprise Christmas before Christmas Bus.

Delay to Formal Schooling Proposed

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Last month The National Union of Teachers announced the wish to call for children to be released from normal timetables until the age of seven. This is because that the Union worries that starting children too early in a strict teaching regime can be damaging to children of a young age.

children playSurprisingly this is completely the opposite of a topic covered a few months ago by our blog, with compulsory testing said to start at age four. Activists used the Union’s annual conference in late April to demand that the ‘play-based’ curriculum period was extended to allow the children to develop appropriately for their age, with activities based around play and less focus on formal education until the age of seven.

This would also be in conjunction with the boycott of the Governments  new reading exam which is taken by 600,000 six year olds each year to determine their aptitude.

At Redbox Teachers we understand the importance of proper development in the foundation stages of early learning, which is why we go to every effort to ensure that all our Key Stage One and Key Stage Two teachers and teaching assistants are paired with their perfect schools in and around London.