Church of England Hopes to Start Money Saving Clubs for Children

The Church of England is planning on starting up a network of clubs in primary schools across the country designed to help children save their money in a bid to raise financial awareness among young children. The aim is to start kids with small, regular amounts of money which they will then hopefully build on as they grow, giving them a real sense of how savings can help you later on in life.

piggy-200x300Clubs will also take part in running group activities such as working as junior cashiers or bank managers in exercises and parents and school teaching staff can sign up to the clubs, with parents able to ‘set up accounts’ for expenses such as school trips and school uniforms which the children can work on saving towards.

The idea is to help children gain a wider understanding of how money plays a role in our lives and the importance of saving your money efficiently.

The teaching pack put together by the Church of England also aims to promote ideas of generosity which includes charity and fundraising.

Giving children a realistic goal to work toward while at the same time making learning fun and enjoyable may help to incorporate the idea of saving money into young children’s everyday lives, which they can then use and build on as they get older.

Plan to get Dinner Ladies and Teaching Assistants Fair Pay Deal

A new plan announced by Labour will see school dinner ladies, teaching assistants and caretakers all getting a fair pay deal. Since 2010 dinner ladies and teaching assistants have seen a wage cut of 18% despite them providing many hours of work and effort into providing the very best for the nation’s children.


Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt endeavours to bring back a national bargaining structure, helping to acknowledge the importance of school support staff by calling them the ‘Unsung heroes and heroines of our schools” and stating that they “play a crucial role in delivering the right environment for our children to learn in”

It is essential to remember how important and reliable school support staff is in a learning environment and by bringing back the national bargaining structure, Mr Hunt hopes to provide a fair pay deal for those that work just as hard and really need it.

It is important to enter into a career that you enjoy, however it is equally important that you can sufficiently support yourself in that career. That is why at Redbox teachers we strive to provide excellent primary teacher job opportunities with fair wages for teachers and teaching assistants throughout London and the surrounding areas.

New Years Resolutions

The new school year has just begun! And with the turning of the year, many new primary supply teachers and teaching assistants have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share their new year’s resolutions for the start of the teaching year.

positive-300x225Often New Year’s Resolutions can be a pain to stick with, however if you work hard and try at it, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

It is funny to think of teachers across the country setting New Year’s Resolutions in September, but as with any profession, goal setting is important.

Some of the most popular resolutions we have seen floating around are short and sweet such as ‘Find the Balance’, ‘Be Creative’ and ‘Stay Positive.’

With more pressure being put on teachers it can be hard to find the balance between work and life, and it can be hard to stay positive. However the rewards of teaching are far superior, and through perseverance you can really help your pupils to shine!