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As primary support teachers, we endeavour to teach our pupils a range of subjects designed to help give them a general understanding of the world we live in, while helping them to develop their own strengths and give them positive encouragement to continue to learn. Essential subjects include Maths, History and Languages, however Computer Science has taken a back seat in primary learning and it is becoming more important than ever that this is changed in our classes.

code-300x23215 years ago we were on the cusp of a technological revolution.

Information Technology started to creep into our everyday lives and although we as adults began to learn and incorporate IT into our daily routine, it has only garnered interest from younger children in the past few years, with the rise of mobile technology.

In order to ensure the future success of the technological age it is important that we teach young children Computer Science as soon as possible, as it opens up countless new job opportunities when you are Computer literate.

Plus, within Computer Science you will also gain a broader understanding of a number of other subjects including Literacy, Numeracy and the ability to express ourselves creatively.

Children are fast learners and are ready to absorb everything that comes their way. Why not introduce them into a world full of new opportunities with a comprehensive Computer Science course, even if it is just for one hour a week?

Schools No Longer Teaching Creationism

All public schools throughout the UK will now be prevented from teaching Creationism as if it were scientific fact in their classes. Although many public schools already took this into account when teaching Creationism, it has now been announced that all public funded schools as well as any existing and future academies will be following the new rule.
od-300x197The changes come as a result of ensuring that the education sector remains open minded to multiple religions and practises as a part of ‘multi-cultural Britain’. Although Creationism is still relatively important in teaching our young people how the Earth ‘came to be’ it has taken more of a back seat role in religion recently as many mainstream churches and religious traditions even go so far as to reject Creationism as a theory.
Because it lacks scientific evidence – a factor which is becoming more and more crucial every day with each new discovery we make as a species about our world – Creationism must not be taught as scientific fact. However this will not discredit the teaching of Creationism in public schools, it is just important to make sure that it is not taught as a reliable alternative to any scientific theory of our origin.


uniced-300x199Hundreds of schools across the country took part in a UNICEF campaign which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These rights were created in order to better protect youngsters and improve a sense of community. Rights include providing what a child essentially needs to survive and grow in order to fulfil their true potential and these rights are given to every child regardless of age, race or gender.

Young pupils at Aberchirder Primary took part in a nationwide celebration of children’s rights by walking through the town on Thursday 20th November and delivering messages to local passersby about what the 1989 UN Convention meant to them and their individual learning. It was a new and exciting opportunity for the children to pass on what they had learnt about the convention as well as expressing their own views as to how things can be improved in the future.

The pupils have been praised for taking an interest into equal rights for all and it is encouraging to see young children taking an active stance in raising awareness for underprivileged children who still struggle all over the world. As teachers, we fully support the idea that every child should have the right to a professional education that helps them to grow as an individual. Why not apply for a substitute teaching position today to make a difference in a child’s life?

Oustanding Inspirational Primary School

Prestolee Primary School has been hailed as an inspiration to schools nationwide in an outstanding Ofsted report.

9256816811_d6242734f5_z-300x300The school was part of a study in leadership and how notable leaders can affect and inspire their followers.

The report stated that there was no reason why outstanding primary schools shouldn’t be the norm, also stating that there was nothing particularly special about Prestolee, just the obvious passion of the teaching body and their desire to ensure that all pupils get access to a first class education.

The school is led by head teacher Michael Tonge who was extremely proud and humbled with the report.

He said “To be recognised for the high quality of education which the leadership team of Prestolee provides, through its amazing staff, is a real achievement” He also went on to state that the key to the success of the school was a strong set of shared ethical values.

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Children Interview War Veterans for Project

Legion Scotland, the veteran’s charity has called on Aberdeen primary pupils to research their community’s involvement in World War II. The charity hopes that it will highlight the importance in listening to stories told by local members of society as it helps them to relive and learn the past through the eyes of a child in the Great War.

veteran-300x187It will show what it was like to be a child living in the Great War. Primary pupils will need to conduct a series of interviews with local people, honing in on one individual in particular to help shape up their understanding of living in World War II.

As well as interviews, the children will need to use photography to document their research, source historical artefacts and write a 500 word piece.

These projects will be collected to create an archive of first hand Scottish stories from World War II and to place emphasis on the importance of remembrance.

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Plan to get Dinner Ladies and Teaching Assistants Fair Pay Deal

A new plan announced by Labour will see school dinner ladies, teaching assistants and caretakers all getting a fair pay deal. Since 2010 dinner ladies and teaching assistants have seen a wage cut of 18% despite them providing many hours of work and effort into providing the very best for the nation’s children.


Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt endeavours to bring back a national bargaining structure, helping to acknowledge the importance of school support staff by calling them the ‘Unsung heroes and heroines of our schools” and stating that they “play a crucial role in delivering the right environment for our children to learn in”

It is essential to remember how important and reliable school support staff is in a learning environment and by bringing back the national bargaining structure, Mr Hunt hopes to provide a fair pay deal for those that work just as hard and really need it.

It is important to enter into a career that you enjoy, however it is equally important that you can sufficiently support yourself in that career. That is why at Redbox teachers we strive to provide excellent primary teacher job opportunities with fair wages for teachers and teaching assistants throughout London and the surrounding areas.

London Schools Crisis

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At RedBox Teachers we understand how important it is to be able to connect hardworking supply teachers and teaching assistants and good schools in your local area. We work on a personal level to find you a job that suits your individual needs, be it long term or short term, part time or full time. We have noticed that schools in London seem to be suffering from a shortage of teachers, especially because there are around 800 children thought to have missed out on primary school places last year.

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In 2011-2012 a stunning 6000 plus children applied for reception places compared to the previous year. It is thought that between 2011 and 2016 there will be a shortage of over 78,000 primary school places in London alone.

So what can be done? Local councils are putting measures in place to improve conditions in struggling schools, which have seen a decline in applicants. The Government has already spent £1 billion to create more places for children. With a view to plan for more funding in the future the government are trying to combat the impact that soaring birth rates will have on primary schools.

There have been claims made that children could be taught in shifts, some in the morning, the rest in the evening, in order to provide every child with equal opportunity. However, this could have severe complications to the quality and consistency of education.  So why not take measures to increase teaching opportunities at schools?

Studies have shown that children learn faster and have a better understanding of source material when taught in small groups. Cramming more children into larger classes will prove to be a detriment to learning in general. Existing teachers will find themselves overwhelmed with schoolwork and unable to give each individual child the time that they need to develop.

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