Clyste Hydon Pirate Invasion

Last month, pupils from Clyst Hydon Primary School dressed up as swashbuckling pirates and scurvy dogs in a bid to raise money to refurbish their old pirate ship playground equipment. The ship is looking a little worn for wear and would do well with a fresh lick of paint, so the fundraiser was a great way of getting the children involved, while also doing a good deed for the school.

pirateBoth teachers and pupils got involved for the ‘pirate day’ and managed to raise a total of £45, giving it a great start for repairs needed. It was a great effort by all involved, bringing together staff and pupils in order to donate towards a good cause, as children ‘raided treasure chests’ in order to raise the money.

Joint Chair of Governors, Clive Nicholas, had this to say about the event;

“It links to learning themes across the school and is part of developing our children to take an active part in looking after their school and each other”.

This fundraiser has also perhaps given the local children a sense of ‘earning’ their equipment back and will be a worthwhile lesson that they will hopefully take into adulthood.


Mud Challenge in aid of Essex Primary School

Both teachers and parents from Lavenham Primary School took part in the 12k challenge, otherwise known as ‘The Gauntlet’ located at Spains Hall Estate in Essex, in order to raise money for their school. The event; which took place in April earlier this year, includes deep mud, obstacles and swimming through water in a gruelling endurance challenge.

racingIt tells a good tale of parents and teacher united together towards a good cause. When it comes to educating their children, parents and teachers don’t always see eye to eye, so to see them competing together for charity is a sight for sore eyes.

‘The Gauntlet’ was hosted by Mucky Races, who strive to produce challenging obstacle courses that tests your strengths and weaknesses while keeping a fun and light-hearted atmosphere.

They host events throughout the country, with a number of upcoming events including the Muddy 5 & 10 in Colchester this July, and Mucky Mayhem in Suffolk in September.

Teachers and parents banded together to raise a total of £1174 for school equipment for Lavenham Primary School, with company Knight Developments promising to match fund the team’s JustGiving original online target of £500. It was certainly a successful day for everyone involved.