Plan to get Dinner Ladies and Teaching Assistants Fair Pay Deal

A new plan announced by Labour will see school dinner ladies, teaching assistants and caretakers all getting a fair pay deal. Since 2010 dinner ladies and teaching assistants have seen a wage cut of 18% despite them providing many hours of work and effort into providing the very best for the nation’s children.


Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt endeavours to bring back a national bargaining structure, helping to acknowledge the importance of school support staff by calling them the ‘Unsung heroes and heroines of our schools” and stating that they “play a crucial role in delivering the right environment for our children to learn in”

It is essential to remember how important and reliable school support staff is in a learning environment and by bringing back the national bargaining structure, Mr Hunt hopes to provide a fair pay deal for those that work just as hard and really need it.

It is important to enter into a career that you enjoy, however it is equally important that you can sufficiently support yourself in that career. That is why at Redbox teachers we strive to provide excellent primary teacher job opportunities with fair wages for teachers and teaching assistants throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Failing is Not a Bad Thing

As teachers we understand that not every child will be able to solve a problem the first time or will be able to take in all the information in the lesson. However, a lot of pressure can be put on the child to do so, therefore, we often overlook the process of learning and only focus on the results.

stepsSociety has persuaded our psyche to have a deep rooted fear of “failure.” This way of thinking impacts us from childhood through to adulthood. Children who struggle with learning often have low self confidence and feel like they are “failing” most of the time.

This can often lead to boredom and disruptive behaviour in class.

We need to emphasize that fast learners are not always the best learners. Children learn in many different ways and we as teachers have to ensure that we are using as many methods as possible to assist the whole class. This can be a difficult job but positive feedback is a great way to build children’s confidence in learning.

Teachers also need to educate children that “failing” is part of learning. Failing can aid our learning as through the process of elimination we can find the right answer. It also builds our determination and encourages us to expand our thought process that can aid us with future tasks.

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Gove Punishes Parents

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Education secretary Michael Gove has announced that he will be imposing punishments for parents whose children fail to show their teachers the proper level of respect. The Minister insists that mums and dads must take the necessary responsibility for their child’s behaviour in regards to respect towards teachers, the willingness to learn and even turning up to school.

scoldIt is Mr Gove’s belief that parents who believe it should be the job of the teachers to educate and raise their children, without installing a sense of respect for their teachers in children, will find themselves on a self-destructive path of stubborn children who are unwilling to learn.

While it is important to ensure that children attend school and express a willingness to learn, perhaps penalising the parents is not the best way to go about this. Some suggest that time spent penalising parents for making sure their kids turn up at school could be better spent having personal 1 to 1 sessions with the children themselves, to learn how they view school and how to better their experience of school as a whole. It is the case of the carrot and the stick so to speak.

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Delay to Formal Schooling Proposed

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Last month The National Union of Teachers announced the wish to call for children to be released from normal timetables until the age of seven. This is because that the Union worries that starting children too early in a strict teaching regime can be damaging to children of a young age.

children playSurprisingly this is completely the opposite of a topic covered a few months ago by our blog, with compulsory testing said to start at age four. Activists used the Union’s annual conference in late April to demand that the ‘play-based’ curriculum period was extended to allow the children to develop appropriately for their age, with activities based around play and less focus on formal education until the age of seven.

This would also be in conjunction with the boycott of the Governments  new reading exam which is taken by 600,000 six year olds each year to determine their aptitude.

At Redbox Teachers we understand the importance of proper development in the foundation stages of early learning, which is why we go to every effort to ensure that all our Key Stage One and Key Stage Two teachers and teaching assistants are paired with their perfect schools in and around London.


Education Minister Visits Schools in Shanghai

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Nick Gibb the former Schools Minister believes that children may be falling behind children from the Eastern territories because they did not learn basic arithmetic times tables by heart. Because of recent efforts made to try different teaching methods in the classroom, to test different responses from children and to make learning more engaging for them, there has been a decline in the use of mental arithmetic and rote learning in the classroom.

It has been claimed that because of this decline, pupils have been struggling to understand the basic mathematical concepts. With practice and repetition, similar to the method used in learning a musical instrument, children can learn mental arithmetic and other maths to heart, which commits methods to their long term memory.

[redbox] math blogEducation minister Elizabeth Truss visited a collection of primary and secondary schools in Shanghai in February and in contrast to the claims Gibb has made, found that it was not the method of teaching that produced such good results, but the instant feedback between a teacher and his/her pupils. Students would receive graded homework instantly, with feedback given on their progress during lessons in the form of discussion.

Teachers engaged with the children and encouraged class discussions, with arithmetic examples increasing in difficulty across the course of the lesson. There is a great focus on one to one support to ensure that no child falls behind and this may be the problem with schools in the UK, as more and more pressure is put on teachers to handle larger classes.

Education is crucial to the essential development of young children, which is why Red Box Teachers make every effort to ensure all part time and full time supply teachers and teaching assistants find their perfect teaching job. Do you agree with Nick Gibb in that more traditional methods of teaching need to be implemented? Or do you feel that engagement and the focus on one to one support is more beneficial for the education of today’s youth? Why not let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our new Facebook page?


Teacher Feedback – Always Welcome!

If you want to know what it is like to work with us please read the below feedback we received from one of our teachers.

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“I am NQT and have now had 2 terms of supplying in London. I was told in my training year that supply would be so hard. I love it! I’ve probably had only 3 dodgy days. I love seeing how different schools do things. I stick to year groups I am confident in.

I go armed with stickers and I get there usually at 8 so no panic to check plans… And there are always plans and mostly a smartboard prepared. I ask what usual stopping signals etc are and as I work with little ones I don’t go in all strict…. after all I’m the stranger in the room. By the end of the day I usually feel exhausted…

There’s a lot of thinking quickly needed. But you walk away with lots of tips. I have enjoyed working with Redbox and I feel more confident as a teacher than I could have imagined after a tough training year. Yay to supply!”

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London Schools Crisis

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At RedBox Teachers we understand how important it is to be able to connect hardworking supply teachers and teaching assistants and good schools in your local area. We work on a personal level to find you a job that suits your individual needs, be it long term or short term, part time or full time. We have noticed that schools in London seem to be suffering from a shortage of teachers, especially because there are around 800 children thought to have missed out on primary school places last year.

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In 2011-2012 a stunning 6000 plus children applied for reception places compared to the previous year. It is thought that between 2011 and 2016 there will be a shortage of over 78,000 primary school places in London alone.

So what can be done? Local councils are putting measures in place to improve conditions in struggling schools, which have seen a decline in applicants. The Government has already spent £1 billion to create more places for children. With a view to plan for more funding in the future the government are trying to combat the impact that soaring birth rates will have on primary schools.

There have been claims made that children could be taught in shifts, some in the morning, the rest in the evening, in order to provide every child with equal opportunity. However, this could have severe complications to the quality and consistency of education.  So why not take measures to increase teaching opportunities at schools?

Studies have shown that children learn faster and have a better understanding of source material when taught in small groups. Cramming more children into larger classes will prove to be a detriment to learning in general. Existing teachers will find themselves overwhelmed with schoolwork and unable to give each individual child the time that they need to develop.

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Compulsory Testing at Age 4?


The decision has recently been made to introduce compulsory testing for children aged four and five, to get a basic outline of their cognitive abilities when they start school. The tests will take place within the first few weeks of reception class in order to give early years teachers a better understanding of each child’s abilities, so that they can give them the help they need to start learning.


These tests are due to be introduced from 2016, and have received criticism from parents, unions and academics who are concerned that ‘pigeon-holing’ students into set skill ranges at such a young age can only damage their potential to learn. In response to this, the Department of Education has considered abolishing the current key stage one tests that take place when most children are aged seven.

It will be compulsory for all children to complete these tests in reception from 2016, although the decision has been made not to tell Parents of their child’s ranking.

Child assessment has long been subject to tweaks and changes, in order for us to better understand the learning level of children. Do you think four is too early to start testing children? Or do you feel that it is the perfect opportunity to give them the help that they may need? At RedBox Teachers, we always prioritise learning over anything else, so with a whole host of qualified Supply Teachers and Teaching Assistants, you can be sure to find an excellent match here at Redbox, whether you are a supply teacher or teaching assistant looking for new work, or currently work at a school that is looking for new supply teachers.