Helping Introverted Children Learn Without Pressure

When it comes to introverted and extroverted children, both cases can cause some difficulties for supply teachers in the classroom. However the difference between the two is fairly obvious, and it is so far a fair bit easier to tell whether or not the extroverted child is happy or sad. With an introverted child, you may feel like you’re left guessing.

What is important is that children feel comfortable to learn in their own way, yet can still challenge themselves. You need to be able to get this balance in a classroom filled with both introverts and extroverts!

Give them their space

introvertIntroverted children will often work quietly on their own or in smaller groups with no trouble at all. If an introverted child isn’t taking part in class discussions, it is not often because they are unhappy, but simply that they do not feel they have anything relevant to add. Try not to urge them to answer questions, but praise them when they do in order to give them that confidence to speak up without being pressured.

Group work is still important

While introverted children may feel they work better on their own, encouraging group work is still important and should be encouraged. Team skills and working in a team is important for much later on in life, so it is essential that you cultivate these skills from a younger age. Start off by working in smaller groups and then work up to larger group projects. Your introverted child will soon be off to a flying start!

Tips For your first PGCE Observation

tick-300x296When it comes to your first PGCE observation as a teacher in training, it is important to remember that the appraising tutor has probably seen hundreds of lessons of the same type, so the chances are that at least 10% of those lessons were complete disasters, so they’re prepared for absolutely anything to happen.

The point of these appraisals is to help you build upon existing traits and to help improve upon your weaker teaching points so that you can grow and learn as a teacher in your own right.

These tutors are not here to assess your ability; they are merely there to help you develop your own skills as a fully fledged teacher.

Know your subject well as many teachers in training might try out an entirely new subject in order to impress the tutor; however this can lead to unplanned detours as children will react in ways that you often won’t expect. Make copies of everything; the lesson plan, resources, work sheets etc. so that you can give them to your support staff as well as have a few spares where needed.

All in all it is important to relax and stay calm. These tutors are here to assess your ability to adapt, especially when things don’t quite go as planned. Enjoy it and remember that the most crucial thing is to make sure your pupils are learning!


uniced-300x199Hundreds of schools across the country took part in a UNICEF campaign which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These rights were created in order to better protect youngsters and improve a sense of community. Rights include providing what a child essentially needs to survive and grow in order to fulfil their true potential and these rights are given to every child regardless of age, race or gender.

Young pupils at Aberchirder Primary took part in a nationwide celebration of children’s rights by walking through the town on Thursday 20th November and delivering messages to local passersby about what the 1989 UN Convention meant to them and their individual learning. It was a new and exciting opportunity for the children to pass on what they had learnt about the convention as well as expressing their own views as to how things can be improved in the future.

The pupils have been praised for taking an interest into equal rights for all and it is encouraging to see young children taking an active stance in raising awareness for underprivileged children who still struggle all over the world. As teachers, we fully support the idea that every child should have the right to a professional education that helps them to grow as an individual. Why not apply for a substitute teaching position today to make a difference in a child’s life?

Oustanding Inspirational Primary School

Prestolee Primary School has been hailed as an inspiration to schools nationwide in an outstanding Ofsted report.

9256816811_d6242734f5_z-300x300The school was part of a study in leadership and how notable leaders can affect and inspire their followers.

The report stated that there was no reason why outstanding primary schools shouldn’t be the norm, also stating that there was nothing particularly special about Prestolee, just the obvious passion of the teaching body and their desire to ensure that all pupils get access to a first class education.

The school is led by head teacher Michael Tonge who was extremely proud and humbled with the report.

He said “To be recognised for the high quality of education which the leadership team of Prestolee provides, through its amazing staff, is a real achievement” He also went on to state that the key to the success of the school was a strong set of shared ethical values.

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Children Interview War Veterans for Project

Legion Scotland, the veteran’s charity has called on Aberdeen primary pupils to research their community’s involvement in World War II. The charity hopes that it will highlight the importance in listening to stories told by local members of society as it helps them to relive and learn the past through the eyes of a child in the Great War.

veteran-300x187It will show what it was like to be a child living in the Great War. Primary pupils will need to conduct a series of interviews with local people, honing in on one individual in particular to help shape up their understanding of living in World War II.

As well as interviews, the children will need to use photography to document their research, source historical artefacts and write a 500 word piece.

These projects will be collected to create an archive of first hand Scottish stories from World War II and to place emphasis on the importance of remembrance.

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Children to be Taught Classical Music

In order to alleviate fears that children are not being taught about classical music, ten pieces of classical music are going to be introduced to the syllabus by composers from Beethoven and Stravinsky among others.


The project is known as Ten Pieces and will be introduced into lessons through a film.

Around 150 arts organisations have signed up to the scheme and will visit schools in order to assist with the running of interactive workshops regarding the composed works.


In addition, there has also been interest among members of BBC orchestras to concerts being held at schools. This project has stemmed from the idea that not many children will have had the chance to listen or react to classical music, so to incorporate it into schools will be a great way to inspire children with classical music.

Classical music has been known to increase creativity and have a positive impact on behaviour in children, so it is important to give these children a chance to experience the music for themselves at a younger age.

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New Years Resolutions

The new school year has just begun! And with the turning of the year, many new primary supply teachers and teaching assistants have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share their new year’s resolutions for the start of the teaching year.

positive-300x225Often New Year’s Resolutions can be a pain to stick with, however if you work hard and try at it, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

It is funny to think of teachers across the country setting New Year’s Resolutions in September, but as with any profession, goal setting is important.

Some of the most popular resolutions we have seen floating around are short and sweet such as ‘Find the Balance’, ‘Be Creative’ and ‘Stay Positive.’

With more pressure being put on teachers it can be hard to find the balance between work and life, and it can be hard to stay positive. However the rewards of teaching are far superior, and through perseverance you can really help your pupils to shine!

Fine Increase in Poor Attendance

holiday In order to combat pupil absences over the past few years, the government has implemented a fine for extremely poor school attendance.

The fines are in place to avoid absconding and to ensure that children have equal chances to an education.

However, the fines not only target absconding children but also parents who want to take their child on holiday slightly before the term has finished.

This is due to prices for holidays rocketing to a high during peak times, which are the school holidays.

The ban has drawn opposition from parents, with hundreds of thousands signing petitions against the new rules and calling for the government to take action against holiday companies who raise their prices at peak times.

moneyParents are fined £60 per child per period of absence which will rise to £120 if not paid within 21 days. Many parents oppose this new harsh system, as these absences will include any term time holidays that the parents may choose to take.

“Family holidays are just as important to children as school. A happy child will get their work done better.

“This shouldn’t be treated the same as persistent truancy.”

What do you think of this hefty fine? Do you think it is fair? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Facebook!

When Hard Work and Persistence Pays Off

Hard work and persistence always pays off, particularly if you are doing something you love doing. Dawn Faizey Webster is a fantastic example of how being persistence can help you overcome the odds. Dawn was a teacher who suffered a dreadful stroke in 2003, but with hard work and persistence Dawn completed a History degree!

61470968The stroke unbelievably caused her to contract ‘Locked-in syndrome’ where she could only move her eyes.

She didn’t let that deter her as she started a course in Ancient History using only her eyes and tiny head movements to write essays and answers using a computer which translates the movements into text.

“I felt that I needed to prove to myself and to others that I was still me – Dawn” She wanted to show that she had lost no cognitive ability in the accident and her story will inspire thousands to reach for their dreams. The former teacher will graduate this October after a gruelling 6 years completing her degree.

Motivation is a key part of learning and encouraging others to learn, so it is important to have your own sources of inspiration. Teachers require motivation to teach and have to influence their students to motivate themselves.  By setting yourself regular goals throughout the school year, you will find that your achievements will help motivate your students.

Be persistent! Never give up.

Act Up Act One Acting Courses

confidence actingFacing a classroom of new students with expectant faces can be very daunting. As teachers, we focus our efforts on building self confidence of our class, and we forget to focus on our confidence. We have found that taking acting classes can boost our own confidence and make us more ready to face the day.

Presenting ourselves with confidence can help build great relationships with our class and can engage the children in learning.  It is also a great way to bring fun and humour into the class and in turn receiving great energy.

The company Act Up have recently announced a beginners acting course which helps with vocal exercises, improvisation and assistance in public speaking. The course is 2 hour sessions over the course of 8 weeks. Lessons will be taken in small classes with a maximum of 14 people and there is also the option of a trip to the theatre, although this is not compulsory. For more information check out the Act Up website.

At Red Box we are always looking for ways to help our teachers and teaching assistants to improve themselves, so Act UP is a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a little help with their confidence. Happy acting!!