The Importance of Mental Health Support

Mental health issues can be a real concern, particularly in the instance where your pupil is in a disadvantaged or toxic environment at home. While mental health awareness has been improving over the last decade or so, teachers have still voiced their concerns that over two-thirds of them are not appropriately trained to provide support for mental health issues.

Easier to Identify than to ‘Treat’

While around 60% of teachers have stated that they felt equipped to identify pupil behaviour that is linked to mental health problems, this is only half of the battle.

It is fantastic that teachers feel they are able to better identify struggling children, but it is also important that they are also given the means with which to help and support these children.


A United Front on All Sides

As with behavioural issues, homework and reinforced learning techniques, it is important that both teachers (and teaching assistants) and parents are all on the same page when referring to the mental health and wellbeing of the child. Mental health is still very much a taboo subject in the family home and it is important that this stigma is removed in order to provide more support to children who need it. An open and honest environment when dealing with such issues will also help to show the child that it can be a common issue and that there is nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ about them.

Teaching Primary Children Code

As primary support teachers, we endeavour to teach our pupils a range of subjects designed to help give them a general understanding of the world we live in, while helping them to develop their own strengths and give them positive encouragement to continue to learn. Essential subjects include Maths, History and Languages, however Computer Science has taken a back seat in primary learning and it is becoming more important than ever that this is changed in our classes.

code-300x23215 years ago we were on the cusp of a technological revolution.

Information Technology started to creep into our everyday lives and although we as adults began to learn and incorporate IT into our daily routine, it has only garnered interest from younger children in the past few years, with the rise of mobile technology.

In order to ensure the future success of the technological age it is important that we teach young children Computer Science as soon as possible, as it opens up countless new job opportunities when you are Computer literate.

Plus, within Computer Science you will also gain a broader understanding of a number of other subjects including Literacy, Numeracy and the ability to express ourselves creatively.

Children are fast learners and are ready to absorb everything that comes their way. Why not introduce them into a world full of new opportunities with a comprehensive Computer Science course, even if it is just for one hour a week?