Diversity Day Educates about Multiculturalism

Diversity Day is a way of showing children about different faiths and different cultures, so that they learn about them and their significance from a very young age. It has been running for the last six years in a way for pupils to get a glimpse into the life and times of different religions, faiths and cultures.

600 Pupils Got Involved

The day itself was hosted by East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure, where 600 Primary Six pupils from Carolside, Netherlee, Busby and Calderwood Lodge in the Glasgow area attended the event.

The event also includes a number of activities designed to bring together children of many different cultures including trying on clothing styles from different faiths and cultures, and learning how they say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ or how they show respect.


Different is Good

A lot of teachers believe it is a great way of showing the pupils everything they have in common with other people around the well, as well as what makes them different. It teaches children that different is often very healthy, it is not something to be frightened about or something that should be ignored.

Stunt Show Thrills Children in an Attempt to Encourage Bicycle Safety

They say you never forget to learn how to ride a bike. Teaching your children how to properly ride a bicycle is incredibly important. It helps improve a child’s motor functions, their hand-eye coordination and helps to teach them to be aware of their surroundings. It also gives children a sense of exploration and a new level of freedom where they can test and challenge themselves. Unfortunately riding a bike can be quite dangerous, so teaching your child about cycle safety is also important.

Thrills and Teaching; Rolled into one Stunt Show

That is exactly what the 3Sixty display riders did in a trip to Norton Primary school in York. The riders tackled obstacles and jumped over volunteers, including members of staff and teachers at the primary school. The stunt was part of a project designed to promote cycling and the health and safety hazards of cycling so that all children could cycle safely and confidently before leaving primary school.

Both Year 6 and Year 5 children have been completing five-week cycling courses as a part of their PE curriculum, with some of the Year 6 pupils even going on to complete mountain bike training and to pass their level one, and level one and two bikeability training.

Curry Half and Half Helps Children Understand Diversity

A celebration of the cultural heritage of the popular food dish ‘Curry Half and Half’ started early last month as a means of teaching Welsh children about the importance of diversity in today’s society. The project has been devised by the EYST – The Ethnic Youth Support Team and features a teaching pack filled with information, including a CD about how food and food heritage affects our lives.

The ‘tester’ school used for the project was St Helen’s Primary School, where it was launched officially on the 13th July. The project is supposed to reinforce beliefs already put in place by the school itself, about each child’s responsibility to be kind to others and to think about the affects their actions and words may have on others.

The dish itself is a classic Welsh dish and is a curry dish that comes with both chips and rice. The teaching pack is designed to look bright and accessible to children and serves to help children better understand the positive benefits of diversity.

Imagine how Britain would be without the immensely diverse range of recipes we see in restaurants and take aways, even in our supermarkets today. There would be no pizza, no spring rolls, no onion bhajis, no omelettes! Many of the foods we see and eat today, we owe to multicultural Britain, and it is important to remember that.

Why Helicopter Parents need to come back down to Earth

The phrase ‘Helicopter Parent’ gained some traction in American education in the early 2000s, the meaning behind the phrase being that a parent or parents pay far too much attention to a child’s development, progress, experiences and problems in their young life. This is particularly strong when looking at a child’s performance in the educational system and it can put unnecessary stress on both the child and their educators in order to achieve the ‘results desired’ by the parents themselves.

Don’t Be Suffocating

It is important to demonstrate an interest in your child’s education and how and why they learn things. However, getting hung up on whether or not they are above or below the recommended reading age, whether they should be having difficulties with spelling, whether they are performing in sports activities as they should, can cause a strained relationship between the parents and the child and can even have a negative effect on the child’s education.

Learning to Take the Initiative

If everything is handed to you on a plate in life, you don’t get a full comprehension of how working hard feels. You can become narrow minded and easily frustrated when presented with barriers. Some ‘helicopter parents’ run the risk of creating children who don’t know how to think outside the box. By stepping back and letting them try to handle problems on their own, you give them space to breathe and space to grow in their own way.


Top Tips for Easter Themed Classes

Many teachers and teaching assistants will be looking forward to spending the Easter holidays getting caught up on work, or relaxing while their kids get fully into the Easter spirit. While we are waiting for the start of the Easter holidays, why not try some of these fun activities in class?

The Custom Behind Easter

While many children should know about the religious connotations behind the Easter holidays, it is not so commonly spoken about nowadays. Taking some time out to explain the death and re-birth of Jesus Christ could be a fun and educational way of bringing in the Easter Weekend. However, it is important to check with the parents of your pupils before teaching the kids about Easter as the topic itself can sometimes be quite sensitive.

Egg Hunt Maths Questions

maxresdefaultA cracked egg provides two clear halves which make great sides of an equation for younger pupils. You can hand out egg themed worksheets and get the kids to solve the puzzles and colour in the eggs in bright designs. If you like, you can also bring in little fluffy chick toys to hand out as prizes.

The Life Cycle of a Chick

For the older pupils, a bit of science never goes amiss! To commemorate Easter and the start of the spring season, why not show your kids the life cycle of a chick in the egg, as it forms and eventually hatches into a fully-fledged chick?

Whether you’re fully embracing the Easter spirit, or you’re just looking at a way of keeping the kids occupied until the holidays, there are sure to be plenty of themed activities for you to enjoy with your pupils.

East of England – Rise in Interest of Teaching Careers

Last Year (2014-15), a total of 4280 registrations were logged with the National College for Teaching and Leadership over the course of the year, the highest registration number the NCTL has seen for some time. Many of these registrations were in January, with a high percentage of them coming from those looking to switch from another profession.

What This Means

With such positive results over the last year, this may be the start of a new era of teaching in the East of England. For several years, we have seen larger and larger classes of children needing a solid education, with a lack of primary teachers and primary supply teachers to be able to help them. With the highest registration number in three years, this could be the turning point that the education system needs to help make a proactive difference in how children are taught in groups.

Encouraging More People to Start Teaching

downloadThe positive numbers also contribute to encouraging more and more graduates to enter a career in teaching. Tax-free bursaries and scholarships are also being offered as incentives to top graduates who choose to teach key subjects, helping people with a degree make a good head start into the world of teaching.

Spaceship Crash at Brookhill Leys Primary

imagesWhen it comes to learning in the name of Science and making your own discoveries, nothing is more exciting than seeing Science first hand. Earlier this month, pupils from Brookhill Leys Primary & Nursery School scavenged through the ‘wreckage’ of a ‘crashed spaceship’ in a Sci-fi themed day.

The aim was to add a bit of excitement to the children’s lives by getting them involved in the sciences through a number of themed activities and competitions.

alien-308429_640Around 400 pupils in total took part in the afternoon activities, showing a great interest in the activities there were to offer. The ‘spaceship’ also touched upon other subjects, with Year One pupils being encouraged by their key stage 1 teachers to write letters to the ‘aliens,’ as well as using Maths in rocket experiments to help predict elements such as its trajectory and speed.

The ‘crash site’ is full of interesting bits and bobs, with electrical wires showing how the ‘ship’ works as well as futuristic technology that helps explain to children how things work. It was a great way to involve the children by appealing to their sense of excitement and adventure, whilst also providing a good lesson to learn. The event was organised with the help of three Science teachers from Hall Park Academy.

Pupils to become Teachers of the Future

As Teachers we have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders to help encourage and teach the next generation about the history and society of our world. By allowing students to express their creativity in a controlled and encouraging environment, we help children to develop key social skills, literacy, numeracy and cognitive thinking that will help them to grow and become working, fully fledged members of society. This includes helping to teach the next generation of primary teachers.
primary-tweacher-pupil-300x192Some government officials are stating that children should be scouted as young as the primary level in order to help prepare them for a future in teaching. This is thought to help combat the predicted teacher shortage that has taken effect over the past few years and may get worse as time goes by.
Chief executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership Charlie Taylor has said that schools should encourage children to start aspiring to become teachers before they enter their teens, in order to ensure that they get the very best teaching opportunities as they grow. Examples include working part time as a ‘Classroom Assistant’ to get a sense of how it feels to be a teacher.
However although this may be a good-intentioned scheme to encourage children to consider teaching as a valid career choice, it is important to take into account each child’s individual preferences. After all, we are here to help children become who they really want to be, not to mould them into what is needed at the time.

Church of England Hopes to Start Money Saving Clubs for Children

The Church of England is planning on starting up a network of clubs in primary schools across the country designed to help children save their money in a bid to raise financial awareness among young children. The aim is to start kids with small, regular amounts of money which they will then hopefully build on as they grow, giving them a real sense of how savings can help you later on in life.

piggy-200x300Clubs will also take part in running group activities such as working as junior cashiers or bank managers in exercises and parents and school teaching staff can sign up to the clubs, with parents able to ‘set up accounts’ for expenses such as school trips and school uniforms which the children can work on saving towards.

The idea is to help children gain a wider understanding of how money plays a role in our lives and the importance of saving your money efficiently.

The teaching pack put together by the Church of England also aims to promote ideas of generosity which includes charity and fundraising.

Giving children a realistic goal to work toward while at the same time making learning fun and enjoyable may help to incorporate the idea of saving money into young children’s everyday lives, which they can then use and build on as they get older.

Children to be Taught Classical Music

In order to alleviate fears that children are not being taught about classical music, ten pieces of classical music are going to be introduced to the syllabus by composers from Beethoven and Stravinsky among others.


The project is known as Ten Pieces and will be introduced into lessons through a film.

Around 150 arts organisations have signed up to the scheme and will visit schools in order to assist with the running of interactive workshops regarding the composed works.


In addition, there has also been interest among members of BBC orchestras to concerts being held at schools. This project has stemmed from the idea that not many children will have had the chance to listen or react to classical music, so to incorporate it into schools will be a great way to inspire children with classical music.

Classical music has been known to increase creativity and have a positive impact on behaviour in children, so it is important to give these children a chance to experience the music for themselves at a younger age.

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