Shanghai Maths Teachers to Improve UK Maths

Over the past few years, British maths teachers have travelled to Shanghai in the hopes of understanding what exactly it is that makes children in Shanghai so successful when it comes to receiving high maths test scores. Now it is time to see those efforts come into fruition, with Shanghai maths teachers hoping to make an improvement in children’s test scores within four years.

Using Different, Proven Methods

imagesShanghai maths teachers use a different approach to teaching, which is that every lesson is shaped to cover and concentrate on a single mathematical concept. The class does not move on until every child has mastered that lesson, making sure that each lesson is cemented in the minds of the children.

Hopes for Improvement

Teachers are due to teach children both the mathematic lesson and the law behind the approach we take towards each problem, in order to give them a better understanding of the ‘why’ we do things, as well as the ‘how’ it is done. Government officials hope that this will help children glean better results from tests and improve their mathematical skills overall. As of yet, the experiment is still only in the larval stages so it is too early to see whether or not much improvement will occur, but it could make all the difference to individual children.