Teacher Feedback – Always Welcome!

If you want to know what it is like to work with us please read the below feedback we received from one of our teachers.

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“I am NQT and have now had 2 terms of supplying in London. I was told in my training year that supply would be so hard. I love it! I’ve probably had only 3 dodgy days. I love seeing how different schools do things. I stick to year groups I am confident in.

I go armed with stickers and I get there usually at 8 so no panic to check plans… And there are always plans and mostly a smartboard prepared. I ask what usual stopping signals etc are and as I work with little ones I don’t go in all strict…. after all I’m the stranger in the room. By the end of the day I usually feel exhausted…

There’s a lot of thinking quickly needed. But you walk away with lots of tips. I have enjoyed working with Redbox and I feel more confident as a teacher than I could have imagined after a tough training year. Yay to supply!”

Whether you are a teacher or teaching assistant looking for day to day or long term supply work, please contact RedBox Teachers.  We are only a phone call away!

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