The Importance of Learning Times Tables for Primary School Children

New plans revealed by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan will see children expected to fully know their times tables by the time they finish primary school. This will be done using an ‘on-screen check’ examination which is being piloted by around 3,000 students in 80 schools this year. If the on-screen check is a success, the test will be fully implemented countrywide in 2017.

It is said that both children and teachers will be judged by the results of the tests. And while people may not see a useful ‘application’ of the times tables in everyday life, once you start to dig a little deeper, it becomes apparent that Maths is as much an essential part of our life as the concept of energy in – energy out. The introduction of these tests will continue to bring to light the crucial role that a good maths education will play for children coming into the world as capable adults.

UntitledMixed Responses

While the introduction of these tests could spell out a new focus given the importance of the times tables, there are those who have expressed doubt at the method of learning being used. While tests are currently one of the only ways to accurately gather data on how children are learning and progressing, some primary teachers are worried at the introduction of yet more tests to the syllabus.

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