Top Tips for Easter Themed Classes

Many teachers and teaching assistants will be looking forward to spending the Easter holidays getting caught up on work, or relaxing while their kids get fully into the Easter spirit. While we are waiting for the start of the Easter holidays, why not try some of these fun activities in class?

The Custom Behind Easter

While many children should know about the religious connotations behind the Easter holidays, it is not so commonly spoken about nowadays. Taking some time out to explain the death and re-birth of Jesus Christ could be a fun and educational way of bringing in the Easter Weekend. However, it is important to check with the parents of your pupils before teaching the kids about Easter as the topic itself can sometimes be quite sensitive.

Egg Hunt Maths Questions

maxresdefaultA cracked egg provides two clear halves which make great sides of an equation for younger pupils. You can hand out egg themed worksheets and get the kids to solve the puzzles and colour in the eggs in bright designs. If you like, you can also bring in little fluffy chick toys to hand out as prizes.

The Life Cycle of a Chick

For the older pupils, a bit of science never goes amiss! To commemorate Easter and the start of the spring season, why not show your kids the life cycle of a chick in the egg, as it forms and eventually hatches into a fully-fledged chick?

Whether you’re fully embracing the Easter spirit, or you’re just looking at a way of keeping the kids occupied until the holidays, there are sure to be plenty of themed activities for you to enjoy with your pupils.

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