Want to be an even better teacher next year?

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Take time to reflect on these 10 things

The school summer break is in full swing and as a teacher you are hopefully easing nicely into rest and relaxation mode. Whatever you are doing over the summer holidays, be it catching up on household chores, doing the rounds visiting relatives, or binge-watching Netflix, some time for reflection should definitely be at the top of your summer agenda. Especially if you are determined to improve and be an even better teacher next year.

Teachers are under enormous pressure to perform and get results, sometimes sacrificing what is actually best for the children they are teaching. Reflecting on the things that went well last year and on those that didn’t will give you a head start when you are faced with the same pressures during the next school year.

Reflect on these 10 things while you can. It doesn’t mean you’re not already a great teacher. Reflection and personal growth are part of what makes you such a great role model for your students.

  1. What is the most awesome thing about you? How can you bring more of that to the classroom in September? Make your special talent a part of your teaching every day!
  2. When were your students at their best during the last school year? Why was that?
  3. What lessons didn’t go well and why was that?
  4. What is your teaching philosophy? How can it better serve you and your students?
  5. What can you focus on this summer to grow your skills as a professional?
  6. What do you do well (recall examples) and how can you make more of those skills during the next academic year?
  7. What don’t you do well (recall examples) and what resources or support can you access next year to improve?
  8. What things can you put in place to empower your pupils and make your job easier?
  9. How can you make your classroom more efficient so you can spend more time doing the fun stuff?
  10. What parts of your job do you love? And which are the bits you find difficult? Be honest with yourself and think about what you can learn from each.

In addition, ponder your failures and your successes. Think about how you can improve your communication with parents and colleagues. Think about how you can overcome challenges. Most of all ask yourself what are the most important things your students need from you and how can you make their learning experience a fun and happy one.

Reflect away and enjoy the summer break! The next school year is going to be great.

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