World Book Day

World Book Day 2015 is on the 5th March and with a fantastic line up planned by the World Book Day website, you will certainly want to plan a few lessons around the resources shared online. Offering a number of ideas and inspirations as well as book recommendations for a wide age range, the World Book Day website, promises to provide for a bigger and better World Book Day than ever before.

imagesThe World Book Day Award has also been launched, offering schools an incentive in the form of winning £10,000 to spend on books to improve their school library. For the chance to win, the schools must provide an insightful and imaginative answer to the question posed “Why can’t we live without books?”

This £10,000 question opens up a whole variety of possibilities as we pay homage to authors from around the world. Creators of realms and timelines, authors spin fantastic stories, enlightening hearts and bringing tears to our eyes. Even as young children, we bring those worlds to life in our imagination and often hold fond memories of our first and favourite books.

Why not change a child’s life forever by recommending a book that you once loved as a child, or reading aloud to them from a range of your favourite collections? Share the knowledge!

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