Pay Information

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When you work as a sub-contractor you are paid through a third party company. In our dealings, the one that we have found to be the most compliant, friendly, streamlined and reliable, as well as pay effective, is KPPES. You may choose your own third party company to be paid through, however, Red Box will only work with companies that are based in the UK, also, Red Box will only accept companies that can prove that they comply with current legislation.

Holiday Pay

Any accrued holiday pay is paid in advance, through inclusion in your daily rate.


We process payroll weekly on Tuesday’s for payment on Friday’s, if you work with multiple agencies your pay wil be delayed, usually until the following Tuesday.

Red Box usually organises timesheets on your behalf, however, there are two schools whereby you have to submit timesheets yourself. This information is given to you prior to your booking. In order to be paid for any completed work at these schools we must receive the relevant timesheets by Monday afternoon.

Pay Enquiries

As a sub-contractor you will need to contact the third party company that you are being paid through to discuss any queries. please contact us for further assistance.  Make sure you check your pay slips against days worked, and enquire immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Business Expenses

As a sub-contractor you may be able to claim certain expenses. You should discuss with the company that you are being paid through what are allowable expenses and how to go about making claims. You are then responsible for recording and claiming any such expenses. You may not be able to claim any outstanding expenses retrospectively so it is important to make all relevant claims in the weeks that you work

Tax, End of Year Assessment

You should contact the company you are paid through to determine your obligations.