SEN Teaching

Special Educational Needs (SEN) teachers help children and young people who require extra support with their learning in a classroom setting. SEN teachers can work within mainstream schools, be that in a mixed class or special class, or they can work in SEN schools.

An SEN teacher will be responsible for students with:

● Visual or hearing impairment
● Behavioural or emotional problems
● Specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia
● Mild to moderate learning difficulties
● Physical disabilities

Working as SEN teacher can be a truly rewarding experience – as a reputable teaching agency in London, we are dedicated to sourcing SEN teaching contract for talented candidates in schools throughout the capital.

What Does the Role Involve?

Depending on the type of SEN teaching role you have, you may be supporting one student at a time or groups within classes.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

● Teaching the national curriculum
● Helping your students grow in ability, boost self-confidence and gain independence
● Planning lessons and prepare teaching materials
● Marking work and discussing progress with parents and/or carers
● Working alongside medical staff, educational psychologists and speech and language therapists
● Attending training workshops
● Organising extracurricular activities such as trips, sports days and social outings

Our London teaching recruiters are equipped with the contacts and resources to help source an SEN teaching vacancy to suit your needs – from short term contracts to part-time positions, contact our team to discuss your needs further.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

If you are looking for your first SEN teaching position in London, it is important to make sure you have the relevant qualifications and experience – there are various routes and options available, something our teaching agency will be able to offer guidance with.

In most schools, to become an SEN teacher you will need to be a qualified teacher within a mainstream school, but it is not always essential.
SEN teachers can also work in colleges and sixth forms. Talk to our London teaching recruiters today to start the search for your next vacancy.

Why Red Box?

We have many years of experience sourcing a variety of teaching roles in London, including long-term and short-term SEN teaching contracts in schools across the capital.

Our friendly team work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their unique needs and requirements – no two job searches will be the same, and we understand that each individual candidate will have different values.

Whether it’s a full-time SEN teaching role you are looking for or a short-term placement, we work hard to source a position that works well for you.

With our breadth of experience, our team are more than happy to provide professional advice on guidance if you are unsure about anything throughout your teaching career. If you are new to London, we are on hand to offer any location and transport details should you require.

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