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I have been delighted with Red Box and really happy in the schools they have sent me! They also really care about teachers happiness in their work and would never push them to do something they don’t enjoy unlike other agencies. They are friendly, pay well and I have never felt like I have to fight for more pay like I have with other agencies. Lovely team I appreciate all their hard work.

Gemma Carey

First and foremost, Join Red Box now if you haven’t already done so. I’m usually not one to offer or recommend services, but Sue and her team are second to none when it comes to teaching agencies in London.

Having taught for 5 years in London, then teaching back in Australia for 12 months, I was reluctant in joining an agency after my only other agency experience, being back in 2007. I thought I’d be seen as just another asset to be used but Sue erased any of my doubts with being personable, honest and just doing the ‘little things’ to make me feel comfortable, that other companies (not just teaching agencies), so often forget.

First impressions do go a long way. Once I registered with Red Box in January, Sue not only told me what time the next train was to get home, but offered, then insisted to drive me to the station. It might not sound like a big deal, but this was just one of many examples of feeling like I was working ‘with a team’, not working ‘for a company’.

As for the schools? Since joining Red Box, I’ve had consistent work at quality schools. If there was an opportunity to stay at a particular school for future block work, the team would always try and most times succeed at having me return to further build a good rapport with both staff and students.

Additionally, if a school was located too far from my location, Red Box would be more than understanding and would accommodate accordingly.

They also provide great communication with clear and detailed instructions with text messaging and are also available to chat after school hours for feedback and any other general inquires.

I could go on and on but any prospective teachers looking for a decent agency to work with, for a good start or restart to teaching in London, need not look any further.

Ben Perry

Red Box is a truly fantastic agency! Since registering with them this year, they have never failed to find me work. Red Box staff are efficient and very helpful. The two women that I regularly communicate with are Sue and Katy who are excellent at finding me Teaching Assistant roles. I receive text messages for every assignment that explains how to locate the school.
The pay rates at Red Box are considerably higher than other agencies that I have registered with in the past, and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for better paid teaching jobs. Now that I have found this agency there’s no looking back.


I can’t recommend Red Box highly enough.

AJ Wright

Highly recommend this agency!

Found lots of work, especially around my unusual working week and always tried to keep my interests before theirs. In this sense, they are less like a ruthless corporation and more like a caring ‘family’ organisation.

Great rates of pay, made life easy for me with payments etc and always very friendly and approachable…what a great experience.

Thanks so much to all at Red Box!

Motiur Rahman

I have just left Red Box as I have moved out of the London area. I found the ladies at Red Box very friendly and they always greeted my by name and went out of their way to make sure I was happy, even asking how my weekend was. They were always available to speak with me to make sure I enjoyed everyday of work. Red Box arranged a long term supply post with an amazing school where I was given the chance to have my own class. Great, friendly people who give fair and excellent rates of pay.

Lutece Bernard

I was extremely impressed with how quickly Red Box secured me some work. I had an interview on a Wednesday and on Friday they were calling me with work!

The staff are all very friendly and helpful, but most importantly, they are PRO-ACTIVE! I registered with a few agencies but Red Box have proved themselves to be the most efficient by far.


A truly outstanding agency… I just can’t recommend them enough. I absolutely love working for Red Box and just can’t thank them enough for all the things they have offered me. Where have I been all this time? A great agency to work for without a doubt.